Ashley Byrum is May Employee of the Month


Ashley Byrum demonstrates the George Mason University value “We Thrive Together.”

pres washington with EOTM ashley byrum
President Washington with May Employee of the Month Ashley Byrum. Photo by Cristian Torres/Strategic Communications

Colleagues say Byrum is a skilled and dedicated member of the Human Resources team and her contributions impact everyone at Mason. Byrum, a senior communication specialist, was commended in particular for her work during the pandemic, when the team relied on her to disseminate key information to all faculty and staff with precision and grace under tight deadlines. For taking on a multitude of responsibilities with compassion and her positive attitude, Byrum has been recognized as the May Employee of the Month.  

“Ashley makes a difference at Mason with her strategic, thorough, and responsible approach to her work, and her empathetic and person-centered personal values are a great complement to that, creating communications that are clear, concise, and infused with humanity,” said Robyn Madar, director for Organizational Development and Learning in HR. “She negotiates edits with skill and heart, gives feedback with grace and positive intent, and can take anything from a set of Post-it notes to a carefully written draft and turn it into something that is clear, concise, audience-focused, and mindful of the culture we seek to create and sustain for our faculty and staff.”

“Ashley has the gift of taking someone’s thoughts/ideas/visions and crafting them into a reality,” said Bridget Peabody, training coordinator for Organizational Development and Learning, “I love that she always finds a way to make things fun, which is not always easy with the types of communication HR puts out.”

Byrum is also a two-time alum, earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communication at Mason.

How you got to Mason

I’ve been a part of the Mason community for 10 years now and have played the role of student, researcher, and staff. During this time, amongst a lot of other things, I earned my undergraduate degree here, my master’s degree here, and met my wonderful husband here. The university is still giving so much to me after all these years; all I’ve wanted to do, and still want to do, is give back to others the same way the university had given so much to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given and the relationships I’ve built. I will forever be thankful for my time at Mason.

Best day on the job

The best day on the job for me was when we got to unveil the brand-new Human Resources website. I worked with my team for years to develop this new website and to see it come to fruition was a dream come true.

What do you like best about working at Mason

What I like best about working at Mason is how Mason encourages their faculty and staff to engage in new learning opportunities and develop their talents. I’m constantly learning and growing here, and it’s all because Mason has created an environment that fosters learning not only for their students, but also for their faculty and staff.

What do you like to do when you’re not working

When I’m not working, you’ll find me volunteering at my local animal shelter, trying new recipes, going on walks in the park, hanging out with kitty cat Bella, and sharing a peaceful evening with my husband and a good movie.