Ronda Franklin is the September Employee of the Month


Ronda Franklin has been an integral part of George Mason University’s department of Safety, Emergency, and Enterprise Risk Management (SEERM) since July 2019. Her hard work and flexibility during COVID stand as particular testament to her work as an administrative specialist. For her unfailing commitment, strong work ethic, and the positivity she brings to the office, Franklin has been recognized as September Employee of the Month. 

Ronda Franklin and Gregory Washington smile for the camera and hold Ronda's certificate of recognition
September Employee of the Month Ronda Franklin and President Gregory Washington. Photo by Cristian Torres/Office of University Branding

According to Douglass O’Neill, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) assistant director for occupational health and safety, the core Mason value that Franklin most embodies is: we thrive together. “Ronda has a positive impact on the EHS Office. She is a friendly presence, and one could say infectiously positive,” he said. “Ronda has taken on new roles, be they temporary or permanent, without complaint. Ronda makes you want to be a better employee.” 

“Ronda is the heart of the office and [a] true pleasure to work with… Ronda’s commitment and strong work ethic are evident as she executes all tasks with efficiency, accuracy, and thoughtfulness,” said Amy Springfloat, SEERM finance and administration manager. “I am consistently impressed with her ability to prioritize and complete projects, all the while maintaining a positive and professional attitude.” 

“Ronda is a wonderful employee and a great example to her co-workers,” said Gregory Black, director of emergency management and fire safety. “Her strong work ethic, attention to details, communication and thoroughness allows SEERM to run well and provide a high level of services to our customers.” 

Many of Franklin’s colleagues wrote about the value of her role in the university’s COVID response.  

“Ronda’s support during the COVID response was truly extraordinary,” said Springfloat. “She was asked to take on new and additional responsibilities, often with no advance notice or previous experience. She quickly adapted and managed all of these challenges with the same competency as her more routine tasks… Ronda worked tirelessly to meet the team’s needs and find creative solutions.” 

One of the things Franklin was tasked with was ordering and tracking COVID supplies for the university.  “Ronda not only understood what her task was, but also sought to discover how her role fit into the larger COVID response,” Black said. “By doing that, she was able to anticipate issues and additional ways that she was able to help the team. Her awareness and willingness to help was a key factor in making the COVID response a success.” 

“Our office would not be able to function without Ronda, and more importantly, the positive office culture we enjoy among our team would suffer in her absence,” said David Farris, executive director of Safety and Emergency Management. “Ronda embodies and exemplifies the spirit and dedication that makes all of us successful, and she, among other dedicated staff, is most deserving of this award and recognition.”

How did you come to Mason:   

I enjoy being in an intellectual environment, and I wanted to work in academia, specifically administration. I applied for a position in the SEERM department and was extremely excited when I was selected. 

Best day on the job:  

For me, the best day on the job is every day. I am very proud to be part of such a great team. I enjoy working with my colleagues, helping others, being productive and proactive in my work, handling challenging tasks, and getting the job done. This gives me a daily dose of satisfaction and pride. 

What do you like best about working at Mason:   

I love the diverse faculty, staff, and students here at Mason. I enjoy meeting and talking with people, learning about other cultures, and sharing mine as well. And the energy and pride here at Mason is amazing! 

What do you like to do when you’re not working:  

I enjoy spending time with my family and playing with our cat, Cinder. I also enjoy singing and listening to music, going on art walks, reading and collecting books, and self-studying foreign languages—I’m currently learning French, Korean, and Hindi.