Fall 2022 Yoga Day


With the arrival of the fall came the perfect breezy weather to cool participants off as beginners and regulars, alike, enjoyed an array of benefits from coming together to practice yoga. 

Since its inception, Argento has valued being able to connect with current students while practicing yoga and teaching participants about its significance. For Friday’s session, Argento centered the breath as the starting point for any yoga practice, taking several moments to ground and center so that the students could notice and connect with their breath. 

Yoga Day 2022

“I used that as an opportunity to remind the students that the asanas (physical poses) of yoga are excellent forms of exercise,” Argento explained. “At the same time, it is the movement and consciousness of the breath that cultivates yoga. In addition to our breath, we focused on engaging the core and moving mindfully to ease our bodies into the asanas.” 

Throughout the session, Argento guided the group through the multiple benefits of practicing yoga, especially important for students in college: 

  1. Physically, yoga reduces blood pressure, improves balance and mobility, expands lung capacity, promotes better sleep, and more; 

  1. Mentally, yoga reduces stress and anxiety, promotes a sense of calm, supports the ability to focus, and more; 

  1. Spiritually, yoga offers students an opportunity to connect with their personal beliefs, their community, the world - it is an opportunity to explore ourselves and what we need to find balance through moving meditation. 

Patti Troup, a third-year Honors student and three-time Yoga Day returnee, was excited to learn from Argento again and spend the afternoon out on Finley Lawn. In addition to reaping the rewards of yoga, Troup delighted in quality time with Honors peers, faculty, and alum: “I also love seeing Telecia from Honors College and seeing Jaime since we are both interested in the professional legal world.” 

For students like Troup, Yoga Day brought a chance to take a necessary break from college commitments. “I like being active and mindful so practicing yoga whenever I can makes me happy,” she shared. “Any chance I get to clear my head and stretch my tense muscles will be taken advantage of.” 

Missed this year’s Yoga Day? Look out for future opportunities with the Honors College to support your personal wellness and connect with the Honors College community!