Pamela Maple, '09

School of Business Community Partner | Pamela Maple
Titles and Organizations

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Head of Sales, Empower Energies


Pam Maple is the senior vice president, business development and head of sales at Empower Energies. Maple has over 25 years in the energy industry ranging in areas from utility power plant design, to retail and wholesale energy market trading and analytics, to renewable and cutting-edge energy technologies deployment.

As head of sales, Pam Maple oversees the company’s sales strategy and revenue generation, which includes matching customers’ needs with available energy technologies with the optimal financial framework, business practices and long-term end-use benefits. With a passion for sustainability, Maple applies her skills with a bias towards ecological and environmental conservation considerations.

Prior to joining Empower Energies, Maple held several senior roles in the energy industry. As executive director of federal distributed energy sales, she and her teams were responsible for the deployment of new efficient, renewable and resilient technologies at DOD and civilian federal agencies. Prior to this, Maple was the vice president of sales for the retail gas and electric markets for Pepco Energy Services, where she structured retail contracts for hundreds of gas and electric commercial and industrial customers in deregulated markets.

Pam Maple holds an MBA from George Mason and a BS in Engineering from Stony Brook University in New York. She is a certified project management professional.