Margaret Rodan, ScD, MSN, MPH

Margie Rodan
Titles and Organizations

Professor & Acting Director
School of Nursing

Contact Information

Phone: 703-993-1727
Building: Peterson Hall
Room 3010


Dr. Margie Rodan is Professor and Acting Director in the School of Nursing at George Mason University. Her career focus has been to build nursing expertise, research, and training in the broader context of society, communities, and the policies and institutions – private and government – in which nurses practice and interact. Dr. Rodan has implemented this by blending research on nursing and public health with teaching and community service, addressing the critical role of nursing in a rapidly changing society and health-care delivery structures. Dr. Rodan is Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Delaware, and a Masters Degree in Nursing from the University of Arizona. She holds a Doctor of Science degree in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health, with concentrations in maternal and child health, biostatistics, and research methods. Previously, Dr. Rodan was a Research Director at Georgetown University implementing the NIH-DC Initiative, studying health disparities and outcomes in prenatal care. Dr. Rodan has also been a public health nurse, grant writer, consultant, and program evaluator working with and researching public/private sector health-care delivery models and efficacy in a variety of medically-underserved settings.


Research Interests

  • Biopsychosocial risks
  • Behavioral interventions related to infant mortality and prenatal care


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Honors and Awards

  • Evelyn Cohelen Faculty Leadership for Nursing, 2017, George Mason University
  • Maternal Child Health Trainee Fellowship, 1988, Bureau of Health Professionals
  • Nursing Trainee Fellowship, 1981, Bureau of Health Professionals



  • ScD, Maternal Child Health, Harvard University
  • MS, Maternal and Child Health, Harvard University
  • MPH, Public Health, Harvard University
  • MSN, Community Health Nursing, University of Arizona
  • BA, Psychology, University of Delaware
  • BSN, Nursing, University of Delaware