Schar School in the News: May 20th - 24th, 2024


USA Today: In an op-ed, Jeremy Mayer says Biden can keep Trump out of the White House—if he drops out of the race. The Post Millennial amplifies the column.

Washington Post: A new Washington Post/Schar School survey shows area residents want the NFL franchise to play in D.C. Center for Regional Analysis director Terry Clower is quoted. Also in Yahoo Sports

Washington Post: A new Washington Post/Schar School poll regarding public opinion of the city’s Metro system reveals surprising attitudes toward safety and crime. Also in Axios and the Gazette (Colorado).

Taipei Times: Gerrit van der Wees is awarded a presidential medal of honor by Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen for his long-running pro-democracy publication, Taiwan Communiqué.

Business Journals (paywall): Terry Clower comments in a story about Washington losing federal jobs.

Forbes: A 2020 Washington Post/Schar School poll is included in a review of the public’s attitudes on police reform.

DC News Now: Washington Post quotes from Terry Clower and a Post-Schar School poll are cited in an article about Washingtonians pushing for a new Commanders stadium in D.C. Also in WTOP and the Washington Examiner.

Falls Church News Press: Comments from Keith Waters at the Center for Regional Analysis are cited in an article about the state of the D.C. region’s economy.

WVTF (Virginia’s Public Radio): David Ramadan is quoted in a story about the political gamesmanship between state lawmakers in Richmond.

Route Fifty: Alan R. Shark writes in the public technology journal that governments should be looking for “proactive guardrails” for AI instead of prohibitive ones.

Detroit News (paywall): James Finkelstein says a university president suing to keep their job in the face of inappropriate behavior accusations had better prevail or their chances of getting rehired are “slim to none.”

MSN: Picks up a Washington Post story that cites a Washington Post/Schar School poll on growing public concern over safety in the nation’s capital.

Today Online: Mark N. Katz says given where the helicopter crashed, Iran may blame Israel for the death of their leader.

Alexandria Now: A Washington Post/Schar School poll about the Metro transit system is cited in a story.