Mason Vision Day: More than a million!

Mason Vision Day infographic


Mason Vision Day nets a record wave of support for the university.

Once a year, George Mason University invites its community—alumni, faculty, staff, students, and their families–to unite in philanthropy on Mason Vision Day. This year, on April 4, they did so enthusiastically, raising $1,309,345 for the university’s students, research, and programs.

Vision Day decal on Wilkins Plaza
Photo by Evan Cantwell/Office of University Branding

“Mason Vision Day broke the record!” said Trishana Bowden, president of the George Mason University Foundation and Mason’s vice president for advancement and alumni relations. “Mason Nation came together, and the impact of the generosity of alumni and donors is truly inspirational.”

For 2024, Mason’s Office of Annual Giving announced that Mason Vision Day would be structured to encourage donors to support the causes that mattered most to them at Mason. This empowered the community to connect with the causes that resonated with their own priorities, from academic disciplines to student scholarship, from athletics to the arts.

On the day of the event, Mason’s University Life division was thrilled to announce an exceptional gift. A longtime friend of the university gave $500,000 to support Mason’s Early Identification Program, or EIP, which supports access to higher education for first-generation students.

“This gift is a game-changer,” said Rose Pascarell, MA ’92, vice president for University Life. “One of the university’s goals is to double the number of students served by EIP, and this incredible gift truly sets us on our way.

“EIP has been serving students in the seven school districts surrounding Mason since 1987, and this gift is a recognition of the work we are doing. It’s a real vote of confidence that this donor believes in our students and our efforts to support their success,” Pascarell added.

Participation in Mason Vision Day was particularly strong among Mason alumni, who accounted for 34% of the gifts. Jenn Robinson, JM ’02, associate vice president for alumni relations, was pleased with the way alumni engaged with the event.

“Our alumni are a very special group,” she said. “They show their Patriot Pride from coast to coast, and around the world, and this enthusiastic support is what we see everywhere we have traveled this year with our Mason Nation Tour.”

“It's the engagement that is absolutely vital,” said Bowden. “It’s that coming together that allows us to make a huge difference. Every individual who joined in to give on Mason Vision Day played a role in creating a wave of support that will be felt now and into the future. We are so very grateful.”