On Mason Vision Day, donors decide


George Mason University is following a philanthropic tradition, designating the first Thursday of April for donors to come together to support the university. On April 4, 2024, Mason Vision Day celebrates the power of making a difference through philanthropy.


This year, each school, college, and unit is urging its community to lean into the programs that reflect Mason’s strategic plan and the interests of donors.

“This is an opportunity for our community members to support what matters most to them at Mason,” said Zavin Smith, BA Integrative Studies ’00, CERB Leadership Studies ’02, MA Telecommunications ’03, director of development, annual giving strategic initiatives. “We want to combine the energy of all of our units and programs on campus and present to our donors a catalog where they can choose the causes that resonate with their own priorities, from athletics to the arts, from science and the humanities to health and law.”

While Mason Vision Day is largely carried out through digital communication and direct mail, Smith said this year’s event is “a hybrid model.” On the Fairfax Campus and at Mason Korea, pop-up kiosks and drop-by experiences offer gratitude stations, giveaways, and social media engagement areas as a visual display of giving throughout the day, and the event includes digital interaction driven by the schools and units.

“Vision Day features challenges and matches throughout the day,” said Smith. “It’s going to be an exciting opportunity for our friends to see their gifts go even farther toward supporting the causes they love.”

Donors may consider making a gift to the fund on Mason Vision Day, April 4, 2024, when friends of George Mason University are invited to support the cause at Mason that speaks to them.