Dean Özerdem speaks with WJLA about the life and legacy of Rosalynn Carter


WJLA ABC 7News interviewed Dean Özerdem about the life and legacy of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter on Sunday, when she passed away.

Excerpt from the video and article, DMV leaders, organizations react to the death of former first lady Rosalynn Carter, published on November 19th, 2023:

Dean Ozerdem appears on television beside interviewer Carl Willis

“Considering the scale of mental health challenges and problems we face in our society today and considering she’s been working at this since the 1980s, it really shows her foresight and her deep engagement with our society,” said Alpaslan Özerdem Dean of the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

“She wasn’t just a first lady, she was very close to her husband in different policy-making issues and initiatives, and for example, in the late 1970s during the Camp David Peace Accords between Israel and Egypt, she was there throughout that process and we know that she helped Jimmy Carter in his difficult negotiations,” Özerdem said. “She was with Jimmy Carter on various missions for peace and conflict resolution in the Middle East in Panama and different places.”

When asked to put into words the impact Rosalynn will continue in the DMV, Özerdem said, “Her impact will live with us.”

“I don’t know of many people who really did so much for public service, and we really need to recognize this,” Özerdem said. “In our classrooms at the Carter school, we always underline that.”

If you are a peacemaker, you’ve got to work with communities to make that change, whether that’s in Arlington or Afghanistan,” Özerdem continued. “So yes, Rosalynn Carter and her legacy will live with us here at the Carter school.

- Alpaslan Özerdem

Watch the video and read the full article.

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