Finance Students Visit Wall Street


At the end of March 2023, the Montano Student Investment Fund hosted "Patriots Day on Wall Street," offering a select group of George Mason University School of Business finance students an enriching experience that included a tour of Wall Street and meetings with various firms.

This initiative proved to be an invaluable networking opportunity and a glimpse into the corporate world that many of our School of Business students aspire to join.

On Thursday, March 30, their first meeting in New York was with Kroll, a global company specializing in risk and financial advisory solutions. During the session, John Walsh, the managing director of valuation advisory services, discussed the company's key business lines, including valuation advisory services and mergers and acquisitions. This meeting provided students with insights into the day-to-day responsibilities at different employment levels, highlighting the importance of time management and navigating busy seasons, which vary depending on the sector.  

Finance students visit Wolfe Research
Finance students at Wolfe Research

After lunch, students met with Wolfe Research, a company primarily driven by analysts. Director of Research Jesse Bigelow and Vice President of Capital Markets Brian Tetlow, shared valuable knowledge about the finance sector, specifically capital markets, while a panel of new analysts emphasized the competitiveness and pride associated with working at Wolfe Research. Additionally, they discussed their experiences living in the city, maintaining a work-life balance, and the firm’s prioritizing their well-being.  

To conclude the day, Derek Horstmeyer, co-founder and director of the George Mason University Montano Student Managed Investment Fund and professor of finance, organized a networking dinner at Claudette, where students connected with finance alumni. The alumni shared their undergraduate stories, provided job-seeking advice, and ways to stay connected.  

On Friday, March 31, JP Morgan Chase welcomed students with breakfast and a presentation by their college outreach team, focusing on their Assets and Wealth Management division. Newer employees provided valuable advice on standing out in interviews and making a difference once employed.  

Finance students at Howden Tiger
Finance students at Howden Tiger

Next on the schedule was a meeting with Howden Tiger, where Manya, a recent Mason finance alum, provided insights into their human resources, insurance, and risk teams. The group discussed job opportunities, their recent rebranding after a merger, and the advantages of working in New York City. Notably, following this trip, Master’s in Finance student Sean Prendergast received a job offer from Howden Tiger. Read more about Sean’s experience in the master’s in finance program here

The final meeting, facilitated by Mason finance alum Sufia Abdul Rauf, was with Haveli and Apollo Global Management in the private equity sector. Representatives from both companies covered various aspects of their businesses, including sales, client relations, and culture. This meeting stood out as our students gained confidence in asking insightful questions related to work-life balance, growth opportunities, and effective networking. The employees offered valuable insights and stressed the importance of maintaining connections and expressing appreciation for professional relationships.  

Finance students at Apollo Global Management
Finance students at Apollo Global Management

After the Apollo meeting, Horstmeyer presented at the Quinnipiac Game Forum, a highly regarded student-managed investment fund competition in New York City.

“Patriots Day on Wall Street was a resounding success,” said Horstmeyer. “All students in attendance represented Mason to the fullest, and all employers were thoroughly impressed by their questions and enthusiasm for the opportunity to meet.”  

The event provided an insider's view of working on Wall Street and valuable networking opportunities with alumni and industry professionals. This experience was a successful venture that introduced students to unique insights into the finance sector, New York City lifestyle, and various business cultures that cannot be experienced solely through classroom education. We eagerly anticipate organizing this event again next year and extending this opportunity to our finance students. 

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