Assistant professor discusses social work’s global role with United Nations agencies

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Evelyn Tomaszewski

As a United Nations Commissioner for the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), Assistant Professor of Social Work Evelyn Tomaszewski met with United Nations agencies and other international health and humanitarian organizations to promote and discuss how social work plays a key role in improving the lives of people worldwide. 

"Social workers play an integral role in multisectoral work at the local and global level. It is an honor to represent George Mason and the College of Public Health through this series of meetings and consultations with United Nations entities including the World Health Organization, The International Labor Organisation, The Office of the Human Rights Commissioner and the U.N. Research Institute for Social Development, and I am excited about the opportunity to bring these discussions into the classroom," said Tomaszewski. 

Tomaszewski was part of a team of IFSW UN commissioners to travel to Switzerland to strengthen the relationships between various U.N. agencies and the Commission.