2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Finalists


The 2023 Patriot Pitch competition takes place Thursday, April 13 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in Dewberry Hall, Fairfax Campus. Reserve your spot in the audience to watch our finalists pitch their business ideas.

The competition includes 4 tracks, with awards in each track. Audience members can vote on each track's Mason's choice winner (must be present to vote). 

General Entrepreneurship Track Finalists

Small business, food and beverage, real estate, retail, game design, art, etc.

2023 Patriot Pitch Squadron RC

Squadron RC

Squadron RC produces 3D printed remote control planes with replaceable parts, designed for modular customization.




2023 Patriot Pitch Squadron Senior FitLife

Senior FitLife

Senior FitLife offers balance training for seniors featuring in-home one-on-one personal training to improve balance and stability with the ultimate goal of reducing senior fall-related injuries and deaths. 




2023 Patriot Pitch Ukie Candles

UKIE Candles

"Ukie" is a colloquial term for Ukrainians living in America. UKIE Candles are hand-poured pillar candles made of 100% organic-sustainable soy wax. 25% of all sales are donated to Ukrainian families impacted by the ongoing war.




Patriot Pitch 2023 PyroSound Studio


Pyroboards manipulate fire through sound waves to create a visual representation of mucic. PyroSound.studio produces temperature-regulated pyroboards with dancing flames that move to the sound of the music.




Public Engagement Track Finalists

Government contracting, public policy, public health, education, etc.

2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Mom n Dad Co

Mom 'n Dad Co.

Improving kids lives by supporting their parents: Mom 'n Dad Co. is an online publication for parents in Northern Virginia and the D.C. metro area featuring a weekly events newsletter and blog.




2023 patriot pitch competition by easy ai

By Easy AI

By Easy AI is a no-code tool that brings the full potential of Machine Learning and AI to low-tech enterprises, allowing them to find data insights and optimize their business.




2023 patriot pitch competition campus suite


CampusSuite helps college students manage their studies and extracurricular activities using data-driven insights so users can make the most of their college experience.




2023 patriot pitch competition muse management

Muse Management

Muse Management is an event management company focused on increasing art visibility in the community by facilitating the logistics of ideas from community members.





Social Impact Track Finalists

Social entrepreneurship, sustainability, etc.

2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Chelonii


Chelonii is an activewear and lifestyle brand focused on products that promote a cleaner ocean and marine conservation. 




2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Embrace Willow

Embrace Willow

Embrace Willow is a one-stop-shop for 100% pure, freshly pressed Argan oil, pressed within seven days of shipment to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. 10% of every purchase goes to support education, clean water, and other community development projects worldwide.



2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Safe Haven Space

Safe Haven Space

Safe Haven Space is a 501c3 that aims to provide a safe space to refugee students, access to mental health education, and services to decrease stigma associated with mental health.




2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Legal Language Simplified

Legal Language Simplified

Legal Language Simplified (LLS) provides accurate, human-certified translations for non-English-fluent, at-risk minorities in the U.S. Through a proprietary deep learning technology, LLS ensures that hard-working immigrants trying to live the American dream fully understand their rights and responsibilities.



STEM Track Finalists

Engineering, technology, science, statistics, etc.

2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Navisleeve


NaviSleeve is a slim hand-worn controller for Virtual and Augmented Reality that allows VR gamers to make game controller inputs, like joystick movement and button presses, without obstructing the use of their hands.




2023 Patriot Pitch Competition RNAnomics

RNAnomics, Inc.

RNAnomics, Inc. is an innovative company that specializes in the isolation of single lipid nanoparticles containing mRNA and the accurate quantification of mRNA copies and payload sequencing. This provides researchers with valuable insights for drug discovery and development used in vaccines, gene therapy, and protein replacement therapies.


2023 Patriot Pitch Competition Designer Contrast Agent Platform

Designer Contrast Agent Platform

An economic, size-tunable, and biofriendly contrast agent platform that targets deep tumor tissue to create high contrast, high resolution images of tumors. The platform can be synthesized in a few steps and can be scaled-up for industrial manufacture.



2023 Patriot Pitch Competition ASV Rescue

ASV Rescue

ASV Rescue is a tool designed to detect and alert Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) operators on shore when aquatic vegetation entrainment - the entanglement of seaweed or kelp on the vehicle's propellers or body parts - is happening to avoid mission delays, vehicle damage, or loss of fuel.



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