U.S. Government adds Shenyang Institute of Automation to Entity List


The U.S. government added the China Academy of Science – Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), to its "Entity List," effective June 30, 2022. This action prohibits exports of any items, technology, or software that is subject to the U.S. export administration regulations. This is a very broad prohibition. No license exceptions are applicable to potential exports to the Shenyang Institute, and license applications will be reviewed with a presumption of denial.  

The action was taken because SIA both acquired and attempted to acquire U.S. origin items in support of military applications, contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

According to SIA's website: 

  • SIA is a comprehensive research institute. Its 11 research departments are devoted, respectively, to robotics, oceanic engineering, space automation and technology, optoelectronic technology, intelligent detection and equipment, information services and intelligent control, equipment manufacturing technology, industrial control networks and systems, autonomous underwater vehicles, and digital factories.
  • SIA is the supporting institute for over 10 national and provincial key laboratories and engineering centers, including the National Engineering Research Center on Robotics, the State Key Laboratory of Robotics, and the CAS Key Laboratory for Networked Control Systems.  
  • Since 1985, SIA has established exchange and collaboration programs with universities, research institutes and high-tech companies in the United States, Russia, Japan and various European countries. Nearly 100 SIA researchers travel abroad annually to participate in various exchange activities. The institute also actively recruits overseas talent to conduct research at SIA under the CAS Thousand Talents Program, the CAS Hundred Talents Program, and the CAS Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists Program, among others.

Please contact export@gmu.edu if your current research collaborations or proposed research collaborations involve SIA or the laboratories and engineering centers it supports, or if you are planning to invite a visitor to Mason from SIA, so we can help you navigate the new federal restrictions.