April Grayson is February Employee of the Month

April Grayson posed with plaque and President Washington
April Grayson with President Gregory Washington at her Employee of the Month ceremony on the Arlington Campus. Photo by Shelby Burgess/Strategic Communications

April Grayson said it feels good to be acknowledged as February Employee of the Month for her work as an office administrator in George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government.

Although she noted, “There are so many of us here who are doing our personal best and are equally deserving of this.”

Grayson’s colleagues applauded her can-do attitude, unwavering generosity, and committed problem-solving.

“She is always available to answer the most perplexing questions, provide essential services, and support the Schar School's mission to provide unmatched research and education to our students in public policy,” said Richard Kauzlarich, co-director for Mason’s Center for Energy Science and Policy and a distinguished visiting professor at the Schar School.

Grayson said she does “a little bit of everything” for the school.

She handles travel arrangements and reimbursements, ensures office supplies are well maintained, makes the majority of small purchase charge card (or P-Card) purchases, and readily assists faculty and students as needed.

“April is truly one of the people behind the scenes who makes the Schar School work as well as it does and takes care of administrative tasks in order for professors to focus on teaching and for students to focus on learning,” Associate Professor Gregory Koblentz said. “She is the go-to person at the Schar School to set up public events.”

Grayson’s support, her colleagues said, was especially useful when the pandemic hit and faculty switched to webinars, often with hundreds of participants.

“The opportunity to continue learning keeps the job interesting and challenging,” Grayson said. 

Grayson has been at Mason since June 2017, when she started as a temporary admissions assistant for the Office of Graduate Admissions. She then was a temporary facilities assistant for Facilities Management and was later hired in August 2017 as a military and external accounts specialist for the Student Accounts Office. In April 2018, she moved to the Schar School as the office administrator.

“It is difficult to name any employee—staff or faculty—who has kept the Schar School operating at the highest level than April Grayson,” Kauzlarich said.

How she got to Mason:

A friend I worked with at another university was already working here and had good things to say about Mason.

Best day on the job:

The best days are when something I’ve been working on with others, such as an event, succeeds. It’s always a good day when the end product is a success, even if it was challenging getting to that point, and you feel in sync with your teammates.

What she likes best about working at Mason:

I like the diversity of the campus and working and interacting with so many different people. Being around students is always inspiring. I really enjoy working at a university.

What she does when she’s not working:

When I’m not working, I like to read, go to the gym, and hike.