Select Mason grads can attend the Scalia Law School without the LSAT

New George Mason University alumni have the Antonin Scalia Law School to thank for another possible post-graduation option in the age of COVID-19.

A pre-existing program run by the American Bar Association (ABA) allows law schools to ­accept applicants from their own university without LSAT scores if the students meet certain academic criteria, and Scalia Law School officials want recent university alumni and rising seniors to be aware of it.

“We are proud to welcome George Mason graduates to Scalia Law School,” said Henry N. Butler, dean of the Scalia Law School. “Through the years, some of our top students have come from George Mason undergraduate programs. I hope newly minted Mason graduates interested in law will take advantage of this unique opportunity and stay with the university. The law school offers an exceptional legal education with superior job outcomes. I feel confident students will have a rewarding experience at Scalia Law.”

Those eligible for the ABA’s 503 Program must have scored at least in the 85th percentile in their SAT or ACT tests coming into college and must rank in the top 10% of their college class or have a GPA of at least 3.75.

“We were really thinking that this might be particularly attractive in this environment to graduating Patriots who had planned on taking the LSAT this spring, but the LSAT was cancelled, or may have had other plans professionally, but had law school in the back of their mind,” said Jennifer Stanford, assistant dean for admission and enrollment management at Scalia Law. “Now, given the current climate, law school may be a great option.”

Stanford called the program a “win-win” for everybody involved.

“We would like for rising seniors to think about this admissions program,” she said. “And we would also love to help the Patriot community find a great place to land, particularly in this environment.”

The deadline for fall applicants to the Scalia Law School is May 31, but Stanford stressed that school officials are more than happy to work with students if they immediately reach out and make their interest in attending known.

“We’re thrilled to have Patriots stay in the George Mason family,” Stanford said.

The Scalia Law School Admissions Office can best be reached at