U.S. News & World Report National College Rankings for 2019

In U.S. News and World Report's College Rankings, released on March 12, 2019, some of Mason's graduate programs were particular standouts, including security studies and law. Read more about Mason's rankings

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Public Universities: No. 72
National Universities: No. 153
Worldwide Universities: No. 403 of 1,250 institutions
Diversity: No. 37
First-Year Experience: No. 43
Best Colleges for Veterans: No. 109
Educational Innovation: No. 33
High School Counselor Ratings: No. 73
Operating Efficiency: No. 18
A-Plus School for B Students: Recognized
Teaching Writing Across Disciplines: Recognized
Homeland/National Security (graduate): No. 2
Law (part-time): No. 4
Criminology (graduate): No. 11
Special Education (graduate): No. 16
Online Information Technology (graduate): No 24
Intellectual Property Law: No. 32
Part-time MBA: No. 32
Public Policy Analysis (graduate): No. 32
Health Care Management (graduate): No. 33
Industrial/Systems Engineering (graduate): No. 36
Doctor of Nursing (graduate): No. 37
Online non-MBA Business (graduate): No. 39
Online Education (graduate): No. 42
History (graduate): 44
Law (full-time): No. 45
Public Affairs (graduate): No. 47
Nursing (graduate): No. 49
Space Science: No. 52
International Law: No. 54
Online Business Accounting: No. 56
Economics and Business: No. 56
Education (graduate): No. 57
Online Engineering (graduate): No. 57
Social Sciences and Public Health: No. 61
Computer Science (graduate): No. 68
Accounting (undergraduate): No. 68
Political Science (graduate): No. 72
Social Work (graduate): No. 75
Teaching (undergraduate): No. 76
Trial Advocacy Law: No. 76
Computer Engineering (graduate): No. 77
Economics (graduate): No. 78
Public Health (graduate): No. 78
Business (undergraduate): No. 79
Sociology (graduate): No. 80
Clinical Medicine: No. 82
Tax Law: No. 82
Statistics (graduate): No. 83
Health Care Law (graduate): No. 86
Clinical Psychology (graduate): No. 87
School of Business: No. 87
Civil Engineering (graduate): No. 89
Electronic/Communications Engineering (graduate): No. 90
Psychology (graduate): No. 90
Bioengineering/Biomedical (graduate): No. 91
Social Work (graduate): No. 96