Welcome Humphrey Fellow Lazare Sebitereko Rukundwa to the Schar School

The Schar School of Policy and Government is honored to host Lazare Sebitereko Rukundwa, a Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program recipient, who will be with the School until June 8, 2018.

The Schar School is Dr. Rukundwa’s last stop after spending time at Cornell University and Penn State University. His intention is to learn best-practices in higher education leadership and administration to replicate in his home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Dr. Rukundwa’s impressive career includes founding a 400-student college—Eben-Ezer University of Minembwe—in 2006, where he is currently president and rector. Besides Cornell and Penn State, he has been a visiting scholar at the Truman Institute at the Hebrew University, Ruppin College (Israel), and Africa Hope University and International Leadership University in Burundi, among others.

The Humphrey Fellowship was created to bring professionals from around the globe to the U.S. “for a year of non-degree graduate-level study, leadership development, and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts,” according to the fellowship website. 

Dr. Rukundwa is in Room 606 at Founders Hall in Arlington and can be reached at lrukundw@gmu.edu or 607-379-1440.